The Rig

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This page contains content from Underrail: Expedition expansion.
The RigPartially controlled zone

Large platform made by Black Eels to control the nearby waterways and facilitate Junkyard trade.
The rig.png
Location information
Music Lifeblood
Located in Lower Caves
Areas The Rig east
The Rig west
Upper floor
Connections Rig Periphery
Fast Travel Rift (Room 3)
NPCs Boulder
Map file(s) xpbl_rig1

The Rig is a location in Lower Caves.


The Rig: A Black Eel-controlled... wheeze platform, located just north of the Scrappy Narrow, at the southern edge of... wheeze Core Ring. Its construction began wheeze in the time when Biocorp's downfall was still reverberating, some fourteen years ago, and it became fully operational in two years... wheeze although it has been expanded since.


An offshore platform built by the Black Eels to combat piracy. Houses the most popular bar on the waterways, a title with no other contenders.

The Black Eels stationed here are isolated from junkyard politics, since the only source of news would be the patrons and rumors that roll through the bar.

The bar is fequented by off-duty Protectorate Soldiers, much to the chagrin of the regulars.

The Rig west

  • The western docks can be used freely, while docking elsewhere will turn the Black Eels hostile.
  • Squeezer is the merchant at the counter, selling Jet ski parts
  • Ion is a quest giver standing at Squeezer's counter
  • The patrons have the keys to the Jet Skis at the docks
  • Stella the waitress carries a Jetdrag
  • The Drunk Black Eel can be flirted with to extract some information about the Rig defenses and to steal his radio, The Rig Comm Device.

The Rig east

Upper floor





  • Destroy Sonar Device: The Black Eels have been using some kind of advanced sonar to detect and thwart pirate raiding parties, and it is located at the Eel-controlled Rig.
  • Ion's missing group: A group didn't come back from their trip to the waterway facility to the west of The Rig

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