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| roles      =  
| roles      =  
| location  = [[Drag 'n' Drop]]
| location  = [[Drag 'n' Drop]]
| abilities = [[Sprint]]
| abilities = [[Conditioning]]<br>[[Crippling Strike]]<br>[[Dirty Kick]]<br>[[Heavy Punch]]<br>[[Sprint]]

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Location Drag 'n' Drop
Abilities Conditioning
Crippling Strike
Dirty Kick
Heavy Punch

Wies is a character that can be met in Drag 'n' Drop during a seasonal event. Together with his pet pig Sniffles, he promotes there his brew, Cave Tear and will give you one free sample if you talk with him. You can also intimidate him to get more beer and if successful, you'll gain three more Cave Tear drinks. He uses shotgun in combat.

Random events