Cave Tear

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Cave Tear.png
Cave Tear
A foamy mushroom brew with a pronounced cave ear aroma.
Use: Strength increased by 2 and all mechanical damage taken reduced by 20%. Perception and dexterity reduced by 3. All psionic skills are reduced by 30 and psi regeneration is reduced by 40. Consuming food will remove effects of previous meals.
(Cooldown: 1 turn)
Cannot be used in combat
Weight: 0.30
Value: 2000

Cave Tear is a foodstuff.


  • Sold by Mixer Jessie in the Drag 'n' Drop during Waterbrew Fest
  • One given as a free sample by Wies in the Drag 'n' Drop during Waterbrew Fest and three more can be gained by intimidating him
  • Can be pickpocketed from some patrons in Drag 'n' Drop during Waterbrew Fest