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Reason given: List DnD's events and their effect on cocktail stock [1]
This page contains content from Underrail: Expedition expansion.
Drag 'n' DropControlled zoneLeave no Witnesses

Xpbl ww DragNDrop.png
Random location information
Music Dreams of Dogtown
Located in Lower Caves
Areas Drag 'n' Drop club
Connections Random
NPCs Mixer Jessie
Map file(s) xpbl_ww_DragNDrop

Drag 'n' Drop is a random location in the waterways of Lower Caves.


The Drag 'n' Drop is a floating club located in an old sea storage platform. Mixer Jessie sells some cocktails not found anywhere else in Underrail. There is a hidden safe (need Perception) under the counter containing some money.

Despite being a random location, Drag 'n' Drop will be present in all playthroughs, but can appear in different places. Potential locations include:

You can learn its location in your playthrough by conversing with patrons on The Rig.


Patrons inside the bar will change every 15 minutes, and with them the selection of drinks offered by Jessie. Terry the bouncer will comment of the current events inside when asked what's going on at the moment. Absence, Bloody Oligarch, Mindshroom Martini and Scrapperac are common drinks and will be sold regardless of the current event. Note that not all additional drinks may be in stock. Patrons will have pickpocketable cocktails in their inventory as well as luxury items.

Patrons Additional Drinks in stock
The bar is empty. Just you, Jessie and Aaron Ice of Spades, Jetdrag, Laylow, Slackjaw, Slampipe, Sleight of the Night, White Dude
Commoners and a Loner Ice of Spades, Slackjaw
Clubgoers and Workers Jetdrag, Slampipe
Protectorate soldiers and Marines Jetdrag, Laylow, Outwork, Slampipe
Dealer, Gambler and clubgoers All-in, Clean Deal, Ice of Spades, Jetdrag, Slackjaw


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  • Fixed an issue with faction hostility regarding the members of Drag 'n' Drop
  • Fixed Drag 'n' Drop Stairs (not in patch notes)
  • Introduced