Gray Army Base

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This page contains content from Underrail: Expedition expansion.
Gray Army BaseControlled zone

Gray Army Base.png
Location information
Music Grey Army
Located in West Underrail
Areas Barracks
Main Hall
Connections Dude's House - Caves (rift)

Gray Army Base is a location somewhere in West Underrail.


Player will accidentally end up here at the end of Dude's rift-walking adventure.


  • The two north exits both lead to the Main Hall.
  • Eastern part of the barracks has opened locker containing Gray Soldier Armor.
  • There is a locker (requires 50 Lockpicking) in the western part of the barracks that contains Medal oddity (second locker from the top).
  • With 10 Agility, player can jump through fan in the vents to bypass locked door/guard.

Main Hall

  • Stairs to the north lead to the Schtab.
  • Locked gate to the west leads to the Magatzin. Can be opened with 90 HackingVerify or keycard found in the upper floor of the base.
  • Both south exits lead to the Barracks.
  • There is a Trgomat that player can use to buy Kzozel, Canned Czernina and Root Soda with Zlatortiyas.
  • Toilets:
    • Medical locker in the toilets contains a Focus Stim.
    • Gray Army Officer sometimes walks into one of the cabins. Player can kill him and take his uniform as long as noone sees them.
  • Armory:
  • There is a crate blocking a trapdoor north of the armory that can be pushed away with 6 effective Strength.
  • Vents connect trapdoor north of the armory to a vent shaft next to stairs to the Schtab, and Kitchen's backroom.
  • Kitchen:
  • If alarm is sounded, metal gates to the north will open and Gray Army Spec Ops team and a few Dobermans will spawn.



  • With 7 Agility, player can jump over the fence west of the entrance, avoiding soldiers guarding the entrance to the storehouse.
  • Gun Lubricating Oil can be found on the shelves in the northwestern part of the storehouse.


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