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Yerslovekzdinianschnik Slavorad Kokoschka

Passage.png Kokoshka l.png


Faction Free Drones
Gray Army
Role Foreign freedom fighter
Location Free Drones Base
Loot Brzozplno Nebrechega Skontam
Abilities Full-Auto
Combat Stats
Combat Stats Action Points: 50
Initiative: 17

Yerslovekzdinianschnik Slavorad Kokoschka is the single most eccentric member of the Free Drones, with a name almost no one can pronounce. Most of the time he can be found inside the base, hanging out in close vicinity to Darling. In combat he wields an assault rifle. If player wears Gray Soldier Armor or Gray Officer Armor during the first meeting, he will get upset and refuse to speak to player until they change their clothes.


Kokoschka hails from Chniokovo Ludilo, a settlement found "far, far, far west". Possessing the customary patriotic spirit of his people, for a time he served in the great united army of the Fatherland, during which he was stationed at the military base of Tratischevo. He arrived to South Underrail only a couple of months ago. Once he heard stories about the Protectorate, the great evil threatening to destroy all Underrail, he couldn't bear to sit idle any more and personally took up arms against it, and its followers with huge claws and sharp teeth.

Although his lack of fluidity in the local language remains somewhat of an obstacle to successful communication, and his comrades are not entirely convinced that he understands what they are fighting for, his sincerity and enthusiasm earned him great popularity among them.

Kokoschka's mindset and behavior are firmly rooted in western values and tradition, and he struggles to make sense of southern mentality, finding it part curious, part derailed. Coming from a close-knit society, the absence of a common identity between the people of South Underrail is particularly disheartening to him. He often talks of his culture and family, including his parents and brother Babuschkomoranznohoho, of Fatherland's leader Jarkov Mochnik for whom he has nothing but respect, and of others belonging to the greater community of Chniokovo Ludilo such as Opeslav Drmni, a neighbor of his family and relative of Mochnik. He had been married six times, but each ended in disappointment, for reasons ranging from the wife's unfaithfulness and insufferable mother in laws, to her lack of skill in the kitchen. This causes Kokoschka no small amount of distress, as having this many failed marriages is considered shameful in his homeland. To him a man is nothing without a family, and although some of his marriages resulted in children, they all remained with their mothers. It is his hope for the future that his seventh and final marriage will be with Darling.

Player interactions

Currency exchange

Kokoschka exchanges Zlatortiyas to Charons at a 2:1 ratio. He has only 150 charons to trade but with enough Mercantile, it can be increased to 250.

Canned Czernina

Player can sell him Canned Czernina for 50 charons.


After SRO assault, you can persuade him to "borrow" his unique assault rifle.


  • SRO assault: Kokoschka will be part of your squad assembled for the assault.
  • Dude's vision: After travelling to Gray Military Base and get some Zlatortiya there, you can ask him about the money and other informs about the military bases in Fatherland.