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West Underrail, also known as Fatherland by its citizens, is the western part of the great underground metro system.


The Fatherland consists mostly of big caverns. Trains, while still important, are not considered as essential to life there as in South Underrail. All the stations and settlements in West Underrail share one language, culture, tradition, and faith and are united under the control of one government, making the Fatherland similar to the nation states from before the Descent. Its current leader is Nadbojvod Jarkov Mochnik. Women there do not fight or lead and instead tend to children, ran the household, clean and cook. The currency of The Fatherland is Zlatortiya. Being a millionaire in West Underrail is roughly equivalent to being a Zoner. To be considered rich, you need to be at least a quadrillionaire.

An unknown time ago there was a war in West Underrail that forced some of the people living there to emigrate and settle in the Drop Zone in Core City.

Gray Army

The Gray Army is the military force of Fatherland. It defends West Underrail from outside threats such as bandits, barbarians from southwest and an unnamed faction from the east (possibly Protectorate).

Known locations

Drznavgrad - capital of Fatherland

Chniokovo Ludilo - home settlement of Kokoschka

Brezna - home settlement of Katya

Gudrava Poschkotnitza - settlement

Plop - settlement

Tuchuznt - settlement

Tratischevo - Gray Army military base where Kokoschka served

Brazgrzna - settlement or military base north of Tratischevo

Chopava Baba - settlement or military base southwest of Tratischevo


Fatherland's language could be called a slavic creole language, although a lot of the words seems to be unintelligible nonsense.


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A partial dictionary of known words.

Fatherland language English Notes
Bojvod General
Chovek Man
Do zdelovoznia Goodbye
Griz To bite
Kuinja Kitchen
Magatzin Magazine
Mama Mother
Matoramama Grandmother
Nadbojvod Overgeneral Title
Tata Father
Zhena Woman
Zplno Good