Ethereal Torch

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This page contains content from Underrail: Expedition expansion.
Ethereal Torch.png
Ethereal Torch
Combat Utility
The torch is composed of seven glass-like tubes of bluish hue that originate at the top of the shaft and converge at the top of the torch. Inside the torch, between those tubes, rests bright glass so indescribably delicate and ethereal that you are not certain if it has any material properties at all or if it's pure light.

The torch is almost weightless.
Use: Launch a ball of light at the designated area. Everyone caught in the blast take 40-80 energy damage. This attack bypasses 50% of target's damage resistance and threshold. Precision is dependent on the invoker's will and level.
(AP: 25)
Weight: 0.01

Ethereal Torch is a plot item in Underrail: Expedition.


The Ethereal Torch is retrieved from The Shard. One can do so by drinking one of Dude's The Juice and inspecting the shard, or by bringing it to Azif.


While the power of the item may pale in comparison to other psi abilities or combat utilities, the 50% resistance/threshold bypass and energy damage makes it useful against armored targets. While the Second Sight effect is active, the torch's damage output is increased by 50%, to 60-120.

If the player asks Six about the torch, he informs them of its purpose, as well as some of his background. -


"My kin and I are not of this world of yours and sometimes we have to go beyond its... limitations. This occasionally results in things from outer expanses seeping into places where they should not be. When that happens, we use devices such as this to remove them."