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This article contains heavy spoilers.

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Faction Unknown, presumed Godmen
Role Six-fingered cyborg
Location Oculus
Institute of Tchort west wing
Deep Caverns
Abilities Teleportation
Immune to stun
Immune to immobilization
Immune to dismantling effects
Third Eye
Combat Stats
Combat Stats Level: 30
Damage: 50-100 and 110-150 (energy cut)
Range: melee
Action Points: 50
Initiative: 35
Base Abilities Strength: 15
Dexterity: 15
Agility: 15
Constitution: 15
Perception: 15
Will: 15
Intelligence: 15
Resistances Mechanical: immune
Heat: immune
Cold: immune
Electricity: immune
Acid: immune
Energy: immune
Bio: immune

Six is a character first seen in Oculus.


Six is a cyborg. Six is just a nickname the Oculites have given him, after his six-fingered hands. No one in the Oculus knows much about him, not even his name. He is also known as Six to some people of Hexagon in North Underrail.

His real name is Rahm-Umbra and he is presumed to be one of the remaining Godmen that Azif (and player characters with sufficient Will score) have had visions of through the crystal mainframe. However, Azif notes that Six's cyborg form is not what he expected from Godmen based on his visions.

Player interactions

Although Six is working towards the same goal as the player, there are only few opportunities to cross paths with him. It is possible to miss most of the encounters with him, although his appearances in Deep Caverns are very prominent. He is easy to anger and in combat he is undefeatable, barring any potential bugs.

He's present in the Oculus as Azif's client for a short while, during the time The Cube is at Cornell's possession in Core City. Other oculites suggest you leave Six alone and indeed, he is not interested in talking to you at that point.

Later on, Six can be briefly met in Institute of Tchort west wing right before the faceless invasion of the institute. Depending on player's choices when talking with him, he may warn the player of the impending invasion or attack the player, leaving you with no other option but to flee.

The first prominent encounter with him happens in the Deep Caverns and this time he's finally willing to have a longer chat with the player and he reveals his true name, Rahm-Umbra. He is the first character you meet in the depths, and one of the few who can help you. He will point you towards destroying Tchort, although his information on Tchort itself is limited, and will also suggest allying with The Faceless.

After the defeat of Tchort, he makes another appearance at the south elevator while it is climbing out of Deep Caverns. At this point Rahm-Umbra tells the player more about his goals. The true nature of Hadrian Tanner is revealed, although the player character may already know this, and Rahm-Umbra asks you to head to Hexagon in North Underrail and meet him there. If the player still has The Cube, Rahm-Umbra will take it by force and leave.

After returning from Deep Caverns, it is possible to have a chat with Azif to share knowledge on Rahm-Umbra, Tanner and the related events if you met Rahm-Umbra while he was in Oculus. Also, interacting with the Oculus Crystal Mainframe, other psionic crystals, the faceless commander, and certain logs give more background information on Rahm-Umbra, his origin, and goals.