Shock Shuriken

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Shock Shuriken.png
Shock Shuriken
Combat Utility
While not particularly sharp, these have micro electroshock discharges attached to them which can give the victim quite a shock.
Use: Throw the shuriken dealing 10-20 mechanical damage (incurring 130% of target's mechanical resistance and threshhold) and 30-45 electrical damage if it hits the target. If any electrical damage is dealt, there's a 35% chance to stun or short-circuit the target for one turn. When throwing while in melee range of an enemy, you suffer a 25% hit chance penalty.
Weight: 0.05
Value: 40

A Shock Shuriken is a throwing weapon. Like Throwing Knives, the damage of Shock Shurikens scales with the thrower's Throwing skill.

Shock Shurikens are light weapons and thus benefit from Dexterity AP cost reduction.

Shock Shurikens benefit from every perk that affects Throwing Knives.


Shock Shurikens can be crafted with Blueprint: Shock Shurikens.

Sets of 10 shurikens can be crafted from any metal plates, any battery, and 3 Micro Electroshock Dischargers.


  • The animation used for throwing one is the default interaction animation instead of the throwing one.