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This page contains content from Underrail: Expedition expansion.
This article contains heavy spoilers.
ACoNR (Abyssal Station Zero).png
ACoNR (Abyssal Station Zero)
ACoNR is written on its top face, just below a white symbol most resembling a diagonally placed egg whose upper half is enclosed by a semicircle with a bent stalk at the very top. It appears to be a container of some kind, one that seems to open horizontally in the middle; you are, however, unable to find the means by which to do so - there are no handles, no locks, no buttons, touchscreens or visible sensors. Additionally, the robust casing easily discourages brute force, at least by more conventional means.

Whatever is inside, it is likely invaluable.
Weight: 4.00
Cannot be sold.

ACoNR, also colloquially known as Acorn, is a plot item in Underrail: Expedition. It is located in Research and Development dome of Abyssal Station Zero.


It is a spherical supercomputer, a living AI controlling billions of nanobots created before the Descent to fulfill a grand design predetermined in the original blueprint for each Acorn, of which there are several in existence across the world. It is a highly adaptive program that is capable of achieving the design almost independently of conditions it finds itself in. Ezra states that although NFT manufactured the devices for themselves and other major supercorporations of the Old World, the technology itself was so advanced that even at the moment of discussion the device seems to have come from future far and distant.

The Acorn is protected by quantum near-field locks, and is impossible to brute force open, as the device is geared for self-destruction in such an event.

Potential recipients

Upon escaping with the ACoNR the player is given the choice of who to give it to, if they desire. Giving it to anyone will reward you with 2000 classic XP/2 oddity XP. Its known recipients include:

Professor Oldfield

If the player chooses to hand the Acorn to Professor Oldfield after reporting their findings at Abyssal Station Zero, he will be delighted instead of devastated that the all the effort was for nothing. He states that the Acorn will be brought to the University of Dis for study.
If player insists for a reward, he is willing to pay 2000 charons(up to 6000 with enough mercantile) for it.

Captain Grim

If the player allied with the Grim Jetters, Cadmus will take the ACoNR off their hands for 1000 charons, or up to 5000 charons with enough mercantile. Turning it in Grim will allow the player to confront Professor Oldfield with the ACoNR and all the evidence they collected exploring the ruins. This will reveal the ACoNR's purpose, and also trigger the Professor being set free to Black Sea Expedition Camp or Camp Hathor if the expedition has been destroyed. The player will also be able to learn about Captain Grim's origins, and his true name.


If the player decides to leave the Black Sea with the Acorn or gives it to Captain Grim, they will receive a message from Jon the Beautiful when they arrive in Core City. He directs you to a small bar in the residential district, where you meet a man with a distinct red cloak and sword. He states that he's a representative of the United Stations and knows that you have the device in your possession. If asked, he will explain that the device cannot be opened without a certain quantum frequency, and that it is therefore useless in the South. Primarily however, he bargains for it. With enough mercantile his deal can extend up to 20,000 charons on Easy and Normal, 16,000 charons on Hard and 14,000 charons on DOMINATING difficulty. Alternatively you may ask for his sword, Red Dragon, or give the Acorn away for free.

In the event that the player refuses or has already given it to someone else, however, Aran swears that he won't leave South Underrail without it. He allows you to leave the bar, though you will encounter him later inside Your House or a few other lonely or lawless places. Doing so allows you to acquire both the Phantom Dancer and Red Dragon, while still giving you the option to give the ACoNR to another recipient.


If the player goes to the Oculites they can give the Acorn to Azif. No exceptional rewards are given for this action besides money, 3000 charons, or up to 7000 charons with enough mercantile. But in exchange he can illuminate the player as to the device's purpose, contents and origin.


Though he hasn't heard of it before, if the player describes the device's use to Eidein he states that he'll gladly take it to present to Tchort on his next trip to Nucleus. Upon seeing it, he will recognize the symbol and proceed to teach the player about trees and will thank the player for their contribution.
If player insists for a reward, he is willing to pay 2000 charons(up to 6000 with enough mercantile) for it.

Hadrian Tanner

If the player brings up the Acorn with Tanner, who happens to be knowledgeable about the device, he'll accept it for the good of South Gate Station. He may also inform you about the device if asked.

If player request payment, Tanner will award the player with 6000 SGS credits (can be increased to 18000 credits with enough mercantile).


If Tanner departed SGS, Ezra will accept the device and thoroughly explain its' purpose.

Colonel Cathcart

The colonel has not heard of the device, but after making a call to determine what the protectorate knows about it, provides you with some minor information along with 1200 dollars for your trouble. This increases up to 3600 dollars if you ask to be paid for your efforts and have enough effective mercantile.


Trenton does not have any knowledge about the Acorn but nonetheless is willing to take it. If the player already has learned about its purpose from someone else, he will be delighted and say that it would be very valuable asset in fight against the Protectorate. If player request payment, Trenton can offer 2000 charons (up to 6000 with enough mercantile) for it.


If player wishes to do so, they can give the Acorn to Bernard and he will use Gloria to destroy it.


  • If the player attempts to give the Acorn to Gunnar Edstrom, he will tell the player to currently prioritize assignments he gave you. After you complete Research facility (JKK) quest, he will tell the player to keep it out of the city as it has the same air as the Faceless' cube device.
  • If the player tries to give the Acorn to Archibald Knight, he will say that it is not something he should be bothered with as it has no relation to your assignments. After you complete Research facility (Praetorian Security) quest, he will no no longer want to speak to you anymore about anything, including Acorn.
  • If the player tries to give the Acorn to Rupert Simmons, he will tell the player that he has never heard about this technology and that he is currently busy with other things and to talk with him about it later. After you complete Research facility (Coretech) quest, he will no no longer want to speak to you anymore about anything, including Acorn.
  • Dude will recognize the device, somewhat explain its purpose, but will refuse to keep it, alluding to cyber tech ninjas.
    • If the ACoNR was left anywhere in his cave home when you exit the area he will throw it out and it can be found in the trash barrels near the entrance.
  • Acorn can be shown to Faceless Centaur leading the Faceless recon near the Foundry, however he is not interested in the item.
  • Faceless Commander provides no additional information, but questions the validity of the players statement about the device. He will refuse to take it, considering it a distraction from their goals.
  • Player can attempt to give the device to Ferryman, however he neither knows anything about it or is willing to keep it. He says that there was probably very good reason for it to have been hidden and suggests to throw it back to the Black Sea.