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This page contains content from Underrail: Expedition expansion.

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Faction Rail Crossing commoners
Dude E
Role Dude
Location Rail Crossing
Dude's House - Core City E
Dude's House - Upper Underrail E
Upper Caves E
Dude's House - Caves E
Quests Dude's vision
Dude's other quest E
Abilities Being the Dude.
Combat Stats
Combat Stats Level: 15
Action Points: 50
Dialog file(s) rc_dude.udlg
Shop file xpbl\rc_dude.store
Spritesheets \dude\

Dude is a character in Rail Crossing.


A drunkard who spends his time in Rail Crossing's bar, telling interesting stories and drinking way too much Mushroom Brew. Or perhaps just the right amount.

Dude's past

Before he became the Dude he was Dr. John Dyson, a high ranking Old Biocorp scientist, head of psionic research and development at Hollow Earth, Deep Caverns. He survived the Hollow Earth Incident 189 years ago and continued his research alone, living a semi-nomadic life around the Underrail, eventually forgetting his original identity.

Player interactions

Dude can tell the player about his visions and other interesting stories fueled by mushroom brew.

Dude's ramblings

This article contains heavy spoilers.

While what most of Dude says sounds like inane rambling, there is a wide variety of references to other things that the player may encounter.

  • Asking him about the Faceless will make him mention they are a race of half-men, half-gods, half-rocks created in the fiery bowels of the Earth created by high pressure and that they were initially meant to be human, which is why they mask themselves. He will also mention a diamond they are searching for because they stare at it to feel cool.
  • Dude talks about Burrowers and how they are social and dangerous creatures. He claims he lived with them for a month, and that's how he got a scar that isn't noticed by the player.
  • Dude mentions his pet Rathound "Shoe Devourer". He notes that many have tamed rathounds, and that there is a rathound king in some distant caves.
  • Dude claims that the Shadow Crawlers are living shadows that are interpreted by the brain as being very ugly bugs, he also mentions that worse and worse Crawler variants are found in darker places.
  • Dude details his experience of walking home before the ground suddenly rose up and then he passed out, then ending up in an odd-looking cave, of which he got out of by drinking more mushroom brew
  • Dude details his fear of neutrinos and how they pass through all matter at extremely high speeds, blaming it for his headaches
  • Dude says that he used to be an adventurer before taking a bolt to the knee, and that he ate 15 Burrower Burgers and got better.
  • Dude claims there is a special place where Cave Hoppers go die, then they resurrect into acid-breathing spirits.
  • Dude warns the player not to shoot, touch, lick, kick, punch, feed, jump over or sing to weird cave crystals, as it could be disastrous for the player character's mind.
    • References the various Mysterious Pillars and Monoliths found in the game.
  • Dude mentions "psychoturners" and how they use low frequency psi fields to absorb any material they can find, then details one of his pals seeing one turn into a giant rubber train after absorbing a balloon that looked like a train, and then a few days later he was ran over by a train.
  • Dude talks about the last time he was in Core City and ordering a cocktail from a bar, before being awe-struck by the Biocorp headquarters building, then he mentions that the "three-headed monster" attacked and then yells at it.
    • References the Oligarchs.
  • Dude says there is an all-seeing eye somewhere in the Underrail, left there by ancient red psionic demons to watch what people do. He had a memory stick with more details, but he traded it away for 7 bottles of mushroom brew.
  • Dude remembers that he had an annoying neighbor that he never got along with, and that her rambling was having a literal harmful effect on his brain including memory loss, and that one day they discovered she was a mind devourer that got hunted in a dark cave and killed.
  • Dude asks the player what the best bar is, before saying that it's the Hanging Rat, and that it's very remote and his trick of getting there is drinking more mushroom brew.
  • Dude notes that six is the most common number and that it's everywhere, and to beware people with six fingers because they can mess you up good.
    • References Six.
  • Dude recalls his dislike for dust getting in his nose, but mentions that space dust is even worse, and that it comes from when "Other Space" is disturbed with thoughts. It also radiates shadows and warns of its negative mind-altering effects.
  • Dude claims that psi beetles materialize out of nowhere and they use their powers to materialize wherever they want.
    • References how often animals respawn, most notoriously psi beetles.


  • Dude's vision: Dude had a vision where he sees you play an important part. He won't tell you what it is but you'll need to help him get ingredients for something in his previous dwellings.
  • Dude's other quest: In Underrail: Expedition, Dude will have another vision...


Underrail: Expedition adds a new questline to Dude that you can start after completing Dude's vision. It is adviced to save before starting said quest, as you can't leave the hard quest areas until completion. Upon said completion of the quest, Dude will create The Juice that will allow you to see teleportation rifts around Underrail.

See Rifts for their locations.

Trader inventory

After completing his other quest and finding him a supplier, you can buy the juice from Dude at his cave home.

Notable items sold Looking to buy
Cash available
  • None