Sørmirbæren Knife

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This page contains content from Underrail: Expedition expansion.
Sørmirbæren Knife.png
Sørmirbæren Knife
Melee Weapon
A primitive knife made of sharpened bone.
Damage: 8-18 (Mechanical)
Impact speed: Very Low
Base action points: 12 AP
Range: Melee
Critical chance: 10%
Critical damage bonus: 115%
Bypasses 60% of target's energy shield.

On hit: 25% chance to inflict a bleeding wound that deals additional 100% damage over 3 turns.
Incurs 125% of mechanical damage resistance and threshold.

Damage increased by 2% for every point in strength above 5.
Equip: Intimidation increased by 10
Durability: 1050 / 1050 (mechanical)
Weight: .

Sørmirbæren Knife is a Sørmirbæren weapon.


A serrated knife made by the Sørmirbæren. It deals low damage, but boosts Intimidation.


Wielded by some Sørmirbæren Krigsfaren.


  • 1.1.0 (Expedition) - introduced