TiChrome Crowbar

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TiChrome Crowbar.png
TiChrome Crowbar
Melee Weapon
A fency crowbar made from titanium-chrome alloy.
Damage: 10-18 (Mechanical)
Impact speed: Very Low
Base action points: 16 AP
Range: Melee
Critical chance: 12%
Critical damage bonus: 100%
Damage increased by 3% for every point in strength above 6.
Special abilities:

Force Ventilation Shaft.png Force Ventilation Shaft: Forces open a ventilation shaft. It won't be able to close afterwards. This will require a certain amount of strength depending on the targeted ventilation shaft.

Weight: 2.00
Value: 1500

TiChrome Crowbar is a type of crowbar.

It grants the Force Ventilation Shaft ability which can be useful as a means of entering ventilation shafts without an Omni-Tool. Doing so requires an unspecified amount of strength, depending on difficulty of the ventilation shaft. Ventilation shafts forced open with a crowbar cannot be closed afterwards.


Unlike most common weapons, crowbars are not craftable.