Black Blade

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This page contains content from Underrail: Expedition expansion.
Black Blade.png
Black Blade
Melee Weapon
The blade of this sword is made of a razor-sharp piece of obsidian which radiates perpetual heat.
Damage: 30-50
Mechanical: 25-40
Heat: 5-10
Impact speed: Very Low
Base action points: 15 AP
Range: Melee
Critical chance: 10%
Critical damage bonus: 125%
Minimal strength: 4
On hit: Carves up a living target for 3 turns, reducing its action points by 2 and increasing the chance the target will get critically hit by 3%. Stacks 5 times.
Incurs 150% of mechanical damage resistance and threshold, but the mechanical damage that penetrates the armor is increased by 40% against organic targets.

Damage increased by 7% for every point in strength above 6.
Intimidation increased by 10
Durability: 420 / 420 (mechanical)
Weight: 2.00
Value: 7500

The Black Blade is a unique sword.


An obsidian sword that deals impressive damage against lightly armored organic targets and boosts Intimidation. For a sword its critical damage bonus is poor, however, and its durability is also low. Has a lighter Strength requirement than most other swords.


It belongs to Eldrän, can be found at Sørmirbæren Village (J12).