Curved Machete

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Curved Steel Machete.png
Curved Steel Machete
Melee Weapon
This is a deadly close quarters weapon that can deliver devastating wounds if used correctly.
Damage: 11-24 (Mechanical)
Impact speed: Very Low
Base action points: 16 AP
Range: Melee
Critical chance: 6%
Critical damage bonus: 160%
Minimal strength: 5
On hit: Carves up a living target for 3 turns, reducing its action points by 2 and increasing the chance the target will get critically hit by 3%. Stacks 5 times.
Incurs 125% of mechanical damage resistance and threshold.

Damage increased by 7% for every point in strength above 6.
Durability: 690 / 690 (mechanical)
Weight: 5.50
Value: 700
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Curved Machete is a sword type in Underrail: Expedition expansion.


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Curved Machete can be crafted with Blueprint: Machete.



Quality of the metal determines damage potential and durability.

Icon Name Base AP cost Crit. chance Crit. damage bonus Minimal strength Other
Curved Steel Machete.png Curved Steel Machete 16 AP 6% 160% 5
Curved Tungsten Steel Machete.png Curved Tungsten Steel Machete 16 AP 4% 180% 6 High upper damage range
Curved TiChrome Machete.png Curved TiChrome Machete 14 AP 4% 160% 5
Curved Super Steel Machete.png Curved Super Steel Machete 15 AP 5% 160% 5 Tight damage spread, Precision bonus


Electroshock variants deal extra Electricity damage on primary target and half of that to nearby targets when powered. Damage is based on the quality of the electroshock generator.

Shock Curved Steel Machete.png Shock Curved Steel Machete

Shock Curved Tungsten Steel Machete.png Shock Curved Tungsten Steel Machete

Shock Curved TiChrome Machete.png Shock Curved TiChrome Machete

Shock Curved Super Steel Machete.png Shock Curved Super Steel Machete


Energy edge variants inflict a great amount of Energy damage to the target on hit when powered, but also permanently lower the machete's Mechanical damage by 10%. Energy damage is based on the quality of the energy edge emitter.

Energy Curved Steel Machete.png Energy Curved Steel Machete

Energy Curved Tungsten Steel Machete.png Energy Curved Tungsten Steel Machete

Energy Curved TiChrome Machete.png Energy Curved TiChrome Machete

Energy Curved Super Steel Machete.png Energy Curved Super Steel Machete


For powered variants: