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The Sørmirbæren (Serpentborn) are the savage natives of the Black Sea. They have been called various names such as serpentines, natives, savages, or even chalk zoners by a certain colorful southerner.


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The serpentborn are group of fearsome tribesmen who wear simple clothes, use primitive tools and weapons, raise Bison, fish the waters, hunt the endemic wildlife, and revere sea serpents. Nobody knows much about the serpentborn, but different factions of the Black Sea each have their own views on them.

Ferryman: "They are a tribe of proud, strong warriors, intolerant of weakness and fear - and outsiders and what they represent. These serpent-filled waters they deem sacred, and they'll punish everyone unworthy of entering them by spilling their guts for the very same serpents to feast on... or worse. They lead simple, primitive lives, focused on things that, to them, matter the most: they hunt, they grow livestock, hone their skills and crafts, practice their beliefs and defend what is theirs. They are in tune with their environment; and even though high technology surrounds them from their birth till their death, they do not employ it. Everything they do emerges from and is guided by their worship of the serpent, Flottsørmir."

Origins and true nature

The Sørmirbæren are the descendants of the Atlantean R&D staff from Abyssal Station Zero. While researching the mysterious Shadowlith, they slowly became more deranged and more violent as they fell under the influence of an entity they came in contact with from beyond the known universe that was connected to the Shadowlith and resembled a colossal, black serpent whom they dubbed Flottsørmir, The Great Serpent. Eventually, the researchers killed most of the other station personnel and left the station behind, taking a chunk of the Shadowlith with them and settling on the northern shores of the Black Sea.

Yngwar claims that when all of the Sørmirbæren more closely resemble serpents, Flottsørmir will lead them to new lands where they will conquer and devour the weak.


Sørmirbæren language could be called a nordic creole language, similarly to how Fatherland language spoken by Gray Army soldiers and Kokoschka is a proto-slavic language or perhaps a slavic creole. Sørmirbæren most closely resembles Norwegian, but incorporates elements from all north germanic languages and even bits of Finnish in its vocabulary.


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A partial dictionary of known sørmirbæren words.

Sørmirbæren English Notes
Sørmirbæren Serpentborn
Flottsørmir Great Serpent
Sørmirhud Serpentskin
Bærenhud Bornskin
Æterbæren Otherborn
Øyensørm Eyes of Serpent
Krästnintsppæter Crab spiriter
Bænkräster Bone armorer/Bone-armored
Eldrän He who carries (embodies) inner fire
Magnar King, or ruler (by virtue of being the strongest among the serpentborn) A given name and also a title.
Yngwar - A given name.
Sjörsr - A given name.
Asmögar - A given name.
Jyktar - A given name.
Krigsfar Warrior
Skærder Transcendent
Bäsekar Watcher
Pilkæster Bolt thrower
Sppæter Spiriter
Öyetsppæter High spiriter
Dømm Woman
Ændar Old man
Ændømm Old woman
Barbaton - Not a Sørmirbæren word. It's a barbed baton.
Høddurform Principal head (form)
Ik I
Durg You
Jakke Yes
Nikke No