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This page contains content from Underrail: Expedition expansion.
Melee Weapon
You're not sure, but it seems that the snake actually bites the target with each strike, yet the staff remains a completely rigid object despite your scrutiny. Additionally, the snake's teeth seem to be an inexhaustible source of poison and acid. Merely holding it evokes dread and a veil of almost imperceptible darkness ever lingers before your very eyes.
Damage: 30-60
Mechanical: 20-40
Acid: 10-20
Impact speed: Very Low
Base action points: 20 AP
Range: Extended melee (1)
Critical chance: 10%
Critical damage bonus: 100%
Minimal strength: 5
On hit: Gains Spear Guard, which gives the attacker 50% chance to block up to 15 mechanical damage until the end of next turn. The amount blocked cannot exceed half the character's melee skill.

On hit: 50% chance to afflict the target with heartbreak poison that deals 3 damage per turn each turn for 3 turns. Stacks 5 times. If this poison is allowed to expire naturally it will deal a great amount damage which increases ever more rapidly with each stack

On hit: 50% chance to afflict the target with leper poison that deals 8 damage per turn each turn for 3 turns and increases all mechanical damage taken by 10%. Stacks 6 times.
Ignores 25% (multiplicative) of mechanical damage resistance when attacking organic targets.

Damage increased by 8% for every point of strength above 7.
Equip: Psionic critical chance increased by 5%
Equip: Psionic critical damage bonus increased by 30%
Equip: Neural Overload damage increased by 25%
Neural Overload also deals another 66% of the original damage over 3 turns as unresistable acid damage.
Equip: Intimidation increased by 20
Equip: Psi ability psi cost increased by 15%
Equip: Health decreased by 50
Durability: 2220 / 2220 (mechanical)
Weight: 6.66
Value: 6666

Høddurform is a unique sørmirbæren staff, classified as a spear.


While the Høddurform deals fairly low damage per hit, it has a chance to inflict both Heartbreak and Leper poison on its victim with every strike. Additionally, wielding the staff grants significant damage bonus to Neural Overload and causes Cerebral Acidization with each such attack and gives a boost to Intimidation. It also increases the psi cost of all psi abilities, and incurs a Health penalty on the user.

While the Høddurform is equipped, it casts a weak shadow around the player character. In less well-lighted areas this can be used to trigger the Ambush feat.

NOTE: Minimal Strength is not required to gain the bonuses given by this weapon.


Carried by Øyensørm inside Sørmirbæren Temple in front of Black Rock Totem.