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OculusControlled zone

The eye of Underrail.
Location information
Music Eldritch Currents
Located in Upper Caves (top)
Deep Caverns (bottom)
Areas Apex
Mainframe Floor
Lower Floor
Connections Upper Caves
Fast Travel Rift (Mainframe floor)
NPCs Azif, Abram, Six, Twitch
Constantine, Phyllis
Map file(s) lux-wa

Oculus is the all-seeing eye of Underrail.


The Oculus is a huge alien structure shaped like an elongated upside-down pyramid that extends from the bottom of Deep Caverns to the level of Upper Caves.

Its current custodians are a group of humans who call themselves Oculites or simply watchers. It is psionically hidden from plain sight, with oculites—or perhaps only Azif—being capable of revealing it to the minds of others. Its guards are silent and deadly psi-warriors from Khazum Morakht clan, informally known as Whisperers.

According to Azif, it was originally built by unknown beings whom he refers to as Godmen for the lack of better name. Its purpose is clear—surveillance. Though much of its machinery is currently inoperable, its operators can still gain considerable insight into the events of Underrail.

Crystal Mainframe

A central feature on the main floor of Oculus is the Mainframe, a glowing and humming crystal whose exact purpose and function is unknown to humans. It could be described and understood as a supercomputer, a database, a prophetic machine, a sleeping god or perhaps all of them.

Those who can withstand its intensity can psionically interface with it to receive its knowledge, but connecting with it is dangerous. In that regard, it is similar to the Monolith in Institute of Tchort west wing and the Mysterious Pillars elsewhere, although the visions received from each differ.

Oculus database

The Oculites have a large database of the centuries of Underrail's history, its geopolitical situation, its past and current residents of any notability. They also have a three-dimensional hologram map of South Underrail that they use to spy on South Underrail's stations, other communities and keep track of the geopolitical situation.



  • Meet Azif: You will gain access to the Oculus after this.
  • Old man Nosek: Azif wants you to locate a former Biocorp researcher and find out what he discovered while working on "The Ark" project.

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