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Underrail has three modes of Fast travel available: Metro trains, ferries and riftwalking. Expedition

See Vehicles for player-pilotable and other vehicles.

Upper Underrail metro

C2X locomotive

Trains of the eponymous Underrail metro network.

The upper metro is the residential area of Underrail. It is divided into three main metro lines - blue, green and orange. The trains don't visit all the stations on the network, so some are accessible only on foot. Upper Underrail can be accessed via Core City's main elevator.

Upper metro routes

For other upper metro stations, see Upper Underrail.

Lower Underrail metro

C2X locomotive

Trains of the eponymous Underrail metro network. Drivers manuals for the C2X train engine can be found scattered around Lower Underrail.

The lower metro is consists of cargo lines for the industrial and military complexes of Lower Underrail. The trains, powered by old-fashioned locomotives, have both cargo and passenger cars. Lower metro travel is initially unavailable due to an earthquake that collapsed south metro tunnel leading to SGS, but metro travel in Lower Underrail becomes accessible the next day after player finds drill parts for SGS and the tunnel is cleared.

Lower metro routes

Lower Caves ferry

A typical ferry boat

The vehicle of choice for both cargo and personnel transfer via the natural underground streams and lakes in the Caves below Lower Underrail.

Ferry boat captains move cargo and personnel between major settlements of the caves for a fee, and the underground rivers are also common smuggling routes.

Ferry routes


Active rift

Available in Underrail: Expedition expansion, rifts allow teleporting from one rift to another, once the player has learned the secrets of Second Sight with Dude during Dude's other quest. The player must "attune" themselves to a rift before they are allowed to travel back to that rift at a later time. The rifts are only visible when the player is under the effects of Second Sight and in very close proximity. Thus, the player must be under its effects in order to travel via the rifts.

Rift locations

  1. Gray Army military base
  2. Dude's cave home
  3. Camp Hathor — behind a broken fence south of the docks, behind Edgar's office
  4. Core City entrance — in shack near train
  5. Core City derelict warehouse — Black Crawlers / Silver Hand Base (in a shack south of the base)
  6. Core City merchant district — Hardcore City Bar (in a little room beneath the bar that is accessed by a ladder north of the Doctor's office)
  7. Your House — in the basement of player's Core City house
  8. South Gate Station — 8th floor, agronomy, in the NW storage room
  9. Junkyard — in the back alley past Grover's house
  10. Foundry — on the tower with the abandoned sniper rifle, SE of the Mayor
  11. Oculus — mainframe level, back wall
  12. University Station — in the metro underpassage near Institute of Tchort
  13. Lower Underrail passages — one zone south of the entrance to the Free Drones Base
  14. Rail Crossing — near Buzzer's shop, behind some boxes
  15. Deep Caverns elevator — lower caves south of Camp Hathor
  16. The Rig — 2nd floor, room 3, underneath Dude's rug
  17. Black Sea Expedition Camp — lighthouse in the western part
  18. The Pirate Bay — in Katja's Homestead, next to the glowing plant near the SE exit

Rift gallery