Rail Crossing

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Rail CrossingMultiple zones, varying levels of zone control

A small peaceful community.
Urban area information
Music Echoes of the City
Located in Lower Underrail
Areas Rail Crossing
Train Depot
Living Quarters
Buzzer's Shop
South Tunnel
North Tunnel
Connections Lower Underrail
Fast Travel Lower Underrail metro (station)
Rift (boxes near Buzzer's shop)
NPCs Captain Herve, Buzzer, Travis, Myles, Doc, Deacon, Deacon's Bodyguard, Mister Shady, Shady Lady, Barkeeper, Dude, Militiaman
Map file(s) rc1

Rail Crossing is a town in south Lower Underrail.


Rail Crossing is an independent town built inside an old train depot, northwest of South Gate Station. It is a frequent trading partner with South Gate Station and usually a relatively peaceful place.

Most of the townsfolk live on the north side of the westbound railway tracks. The railway yard on the south side has Buzzer's shop, which is initially under attack by the Faceless. Deacon's shop can be accessed by becoming "initiated", or passing a perception check (7) to notice its secret door in the alley behind the bar.

A unique sniper rifle, Dragunov, can be found in the old tunnels below the railway yard. A unique oddity, Old Money, can be found on a huge pile of old money inside an electronically locked warehouse in the Living Quarters area.

How to get there

Rail Crossing is accessible by the metro after the player has delivered the drill parts required to clear the collapsed south metro tunnel. The train won't take you directly to Rail Crossing during the faceless occupation. Once you arrive by train, follow the railway tracks south until you come to an intersection. From there, cross the rail and follow the tracks to west and you'll arrive in Rail Crossing.

You can also walk there through Lower Underrail, but you need at least one TNT Charge to clear the tunnels leading northwest from SGS. Alternatively after the metro tunnel is cleared you can walk there from South Railroad Outpost after taking the elevator in Junkyard, although you'll encounter two Lurkers right after the outpost, walking across the metro tracks ensures you won't fall victim to the traps across the route.


Rail Crossing

Living Quarters


Train Depot

  • Enemies Kamikaze Bots and Plasma Sentry
  • Has several HE Mine traps. They can be receovered with 67 Traps skill (possibly less)
  • To the south is a fence door that can be opened with 50 Lockpicking
  • The SW room:
    • Has a locker containing an Encyclopedia Fragment oddity, 1 XP
    • Has a trap door leading to the South Tunnels
  • The NE surveillance room has a desk containing a Train Driver Manual oddity, 1 XP
  • The door south of the NE surveillance room can be opened with 30 Hacking
  • Has a Power Box of the east side, south of the surveillance room. It powers the security cameras

South Tunnels

  • Accessed from the trap door to the south of the Train Depot, or from the North Tunnels
  • Enemies Burrowers and Spawns
  • The box in the center of the area requires 60 Hacking
  • The pile of rubble near the northern exit contains an Obsidian Shard oddity, 1 XP
  • One locker in the room to the north contains a unique Dragunov sniper rifle
  • There are some rocks in the NW that open a second way into the northern tunnels

North Tunnels

Buzzer's Shop floor 1

Buzzer's Shop floor 2


Hadrian Tanner's Assist Rail Crossing quest leads you to the mayor, Captain Herve, who can explain the situation to you. By the time you arrive, most of the town is occupied by the Faceless.


The Faceless have taken over Buzzer's Shop and the railway yard surrounding it.

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