Dude's House - Core City

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This page contains content from Underrail: Expedition expansion.
Dude's House - Core CityUncontrolled zone

W-what are we looking in the-se homes Dude
Xpbl cc dh.png
Location information
Music Untitled track (CoreCity.ogg)
Located in Core City
Areas Dude's Core City Home
Connections None
NPCs Zoner Ma
Map file(s) Xpbl cc dh

Dude's House - Core City is the first stop in Dude's other quest.


Former Dude's house, now Zoner Ma lives there. In order to search the house for clues, she must be convinced to let you inspect the area.

  • An Unmarked crack in the south-eastern corner of the room will have a key for a safe, hidden behind the yellow panel to the north of the room containing Unsaturated Psionic Catalyst.

After taking the safe's contents and talking to Dude you will be taken to Dude's old lab in Upper Underrail. This area is only accessed once when doing Dude's other quest, and can't be returned to later.