Knife Thrower's Glove

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Knife Thrower's Glove.png
Knife Thrower's Glove
Melee Weapon
Throwing Knife Enhancer
A pair of special leather gloves used for professional knife throwing
Damage: 4-9 (Mechanical)
Impact speed: Very Low
Base action points: 12 AP
Range: Melee
Precision: -10%
Critical chance: 5%
Critical damage bonus: 100%
Bypasses 80% of target's energy shield.
Incurs 140% of mechanical damage resistance and threshold.

Damage increased by 5% for every point in strength above 5.
Equip: Action point cost of Throwing Knife reduced by 3
Equip: Throwing knife precision increased by 5% (additive)
Durability: 420/420 (mechanical)
Weight: 0.10
Value: 200

Knife Thrower's Glove is an Uncommon combat glove.


A special leather combat glove that reduced Throwing Knife AP cost and increased its accuracy. It's strongly discouraged to use it as fist weapon, since its durability, general stats, and damage is very bad. But, its very good for Throwing build.


Found Uncommonly in Hunting-related shop. Do keep in mind that it looks almost exactly like Leather Combat Gloves, so Player might missed it. Fredd at Camp Hathor always has one in stock.