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This page contains content from Underrail: Expedition expansion.

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Location Sørmirbæren Village
Loot Hollow Bison Horn
Bison Leather
Large Intestine
Adrenal Gland
Healthy Animal Heart
Combat Stats
Combat Stats Action Points: 50
Char file buffalo

Bison is a critter in Underrail: Expedition expansion.


Herds of Bison can be found in areas inhabited by the Sørmirbæren, who raise them as livestock and occasionally sacrifice one to Flottsørmir by feeding it to sea serpents.

Fighting tactics

Standard bison and calves are not hostile unless provoked and will mostly just moo at you while bulls are territorial and will attack if you linger too close for too long. If you do end up fighting a bison or a bull, treat it as you would a Warthog.