Greater Siphoner

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This page contains content from Underrail: Expedition expansion.
Greater Siphoner

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Location ArenaHD
Siphoner Pools (Black Sea)
Fetid Marsh
Abandoned Waterway Facility (West waterway facility)
Loot Skull-shaped Mark (oddity)
Siphoner Tongue
Greater Siphoner Leather
Large Intestine
Adrenal Gland
Healthy Animal Heart
Combat Stats
Combat Stats Level: 16
Damage: 20-30 (41-62)
Range: Melee
Action Points: 50
Base Abilities Strength: 12
Dexterity: 6
Agility: 8
Constitution: 13
Perception: 6
Will: 3
Intelligence: 2
Skills Melee: 90 (151)
Dodge: 40 (56)
Evasion: 30 (44)
Resistances Mechanical: 30% / 15
Heat: 30% / 0
Cold: 0% / 0
Electricity: 0% / 0
Acid: 30% / 0
Energy: 15% / 3
Bio: 0% / 0
Char file greatersiphoner

Greater Siphoner is a critter in Underrail: Expedition expansion.


Larger, tougher subspecies of Siphoner found in the Black Sea and rarely in flooded ruins beyond it.

Fighting tactics

Better than their lesser kin at just about everything, but they act pretty much exactly the same.