Sørmirbæren Dømm

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This page contains content from Underrail: Expedition expansion.
Sørmirbæren Dømm

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Location Black Sea
Loot Masterwork Bone Hairpin

The Sørmirbæren Dømm are female tribeswomen of the Sørmirbæren.


The Dømm, which means "woman", are non-combatants who do not carry weapons and will not attempt to attack the player. Instead, if they detect the player, they will initiate combat and will attempt to flee and alert other Sørmirbæren, which can make them a nuisance for stealth oriented players.

They may carry various indigenous fish, various indigenous fungi, Healing Salve, and/or Bison Milk. Dømm are only encountered in areas with heavy Sørmirbæren presence.