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This page contains content from Underrail: Expedition expansion.

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Faction Sørmirbæren
Role Side character
Location Black Sea Grotto
Abilities Conditioning
Survival Instincts
Combat Stats
Combat Stats Level: ?
Damage: ?
Range: Melee
Action Points: 50
Initiative: 27
Base Abilities Strength: 15
Dexterity: 15
Agility: 15
Constitution: 15
Perception: 15
Will: 15
Intelligence: 15

Yngwar is a Sørmirbæren warrior living in isolation from the rest of his clan. In combat he uses sharpened spear coated in Heartbreak Poison and Throwing Nets.

Yngwar is a "boss" character, and on DOMINATING difficulty will appear with 400% of his regular health.


Yngwar comes from the Sørmirbæren village and is well versed in their culture. He is a warrior and traveler who has half of his skin turned to scales, implying that he was outcast due to failing one of their rituals. He appears to be familiar with Sjörsr, who the Ferryman killed using The Shard. While seemingly shunned, he still holds the clan's values, and sees the warrior's way of life as the only proper one, though he questions his faith in the spirit seekers.


Yngwar can be found at the Black Sea Grotto, past the Black Sea Rapids in the northwestern corner of the sea. More specifically, at coordinates A10.

Player Interactions

Yngwar is one of the few Serpentines who the player can speak to without fighting, granted that they behave well enough not to provoke him. They can come to an agreeable conversation by having a spear duel with enough melee skill, knowledge of Sørmirbæren culture (can be obtained by asking Ferryman about the natives), or assuming a battle stance and successfully intimidating him (100 effective). Afterwards you can attempt to converse by drawing pictures in the sand, and using various phrases and gestures. If you can persuade him through correct dialogue options with enough Intelligence (8 effective intelligence needed), he can draw the Rune Sketch which marks Sjörsr's grave in the Sørmirbæren Graveyard. He may also teach the player about their rituals and way of life. If at any point during the conversation Yngwar is provoked, he will threaten the player and attack if player doesn't leave. You can however offer him some food (Cave Hopper Steak, Bacon and Cheese Sandwich, Stuffed Bat, Eel Sandwich, Fried Siphoner Tongue, Crab Sandwich, Sea Serpent Fillet and Pentapus Barbecue work) to appease him to be able to resume the conversation. If the player wears Rathound Regalia, Yngwar will demand it as a tribute instead (you can however recover it from him with high enough Pickpocketing).

To understand Yngwar fully, 10 effective Intelligence is required.

Yngwar's fate

After talking with Yngwar for long enough about various topics, he will decide to leave his cave and to climb the Lysbørgammen in order to find the truth about the burning light that in his youth caused death of his brother Asmögar but left Yngwar alive. If player has received the vision from the Glowing Canine, they can tell Yngwar about it. After returning from Abyssal Station Zero, you may also tell him about the Shadowlith which will lead to him commenting that the Shadowlith is connected to the Black Rock Totem and cement his belief in Flottsørmir.

After leaving the zone, player will no longer find Yngwar in his cave, however if you climb Glowing Canine again, you will find some shed scales near it, suggesting that he has indeed travelled to the monolith.