Sørmirbæren Sppæter

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The Sørmirbæren Sppæter are shamans of the Sørmirbæren.


Like the Skærders, the Sppæter, or "spiriter" is a type of mutated Sørmirbæren tribal with scaly skin. They act as guides and advisers on spiritual matters and they also read and interpret omens and signs they believe come from their dark god, Flottsørmir.

According to Yngwar, they underwent rituals meant to bolster and enhance the mind instead of the body, giving them greater intelligence and potent psionic abilities.

Each one carries a Sørmirbæren Staff-spear and a few Healing Salves and Spirit Potions.

Fighting Tactics

Sppæters have several Thought Control and Psychokinesis abilities such as Neural Overload, Telekinetic Punch, Mental Breakdown and Pseudo-spatial Projection. Generally, they prefer to hang back alongside Krigsfar marksmen and attack from range. They can also fight with their staff-spears if Inhibited or caught in close quarters. They are also immune to poison.

Fortunately, they are not very tough, having even less health than krigsfars. A single well placed frag grenade can kill them easily.