Giant Weaver

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This page contains content from Underrail: Expedition expansion.
Giant Weaver

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Location Black Sea
Giant Creeper Lair
Nexus of Technology
Crimson Meadow Horticulture Center
Joint Security Headquarters
Loot Spiderweb Knitwork
Giant Creeper Poison Gland
Insectoid Salivarium
Abilities Inflicts Blinding Poison
Web Blob Attack
Immune to immobilization
Immune to poison
Immune to unbalancing
Combat Stats
Combat Stats Level: 15
Damage: Bite 20-50 (40-100) Spit 20-40
Action Points: 50
Base Abilities Strength: 12
Dexterity: 9
Agility: 10
Constitution: 11
Perception: 10
Will: 4
Intelligence: 3
Skills Melee: 85 (142)
Dodge: 40 (63)
Evasion: 30 (49)
Resistances Mechanical: 20% / 15
Heat: 0% / 0
Cold: 0% / 0
Electricity: 0% / 0
Acid: 0% / 0
Energy: 0% / 0
Bio: 0% / 0
Char file giantweaver

Giant Weaver is a critter in Underrail: Expedition expansion.


Bigger and tougher than Giant Creepers, but also less common and more skittish.

Fighting tactics

Unlike their smaller, melee oriented kin, weavers prefer to hang back and spit venom from a distance. This spit can inflict Blinding Poison but it can be blocked and the poison negated with an Energy Shield. Weavers can also spit globs of webbing that can entangle the player and also covers the ground and slows the player down, gives the creepers a damage bonus thanks to their Opportunist feat, and which can make fighting the weavers without any ranged weapons or attacks nearly impossible. However, the webs can be burned away with Pyrokinesis and Incendiary Grenades.