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This page contains content from Underrail: Expedition expansion.

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Location Black Sea
Crimson Meadow Horticulture Center
Fetid Marsh
Loot Heartbreaker Mustachio
Heartbreaker Serpent Skin
Heartbreaker Serpent Poison Gland
Large Intestine
Adrenal Gland
Healthy Animal Heart
Abilities Can Submerge
Inflicts Heartbreak Poison
Immune to poison
Combat Stats
Combat Stats Level: 15
Damage: 35-45 (57-74)
Range: Ranged
Action Points: 50
Base Abilities Strength: 10
Dexterity: 12
Agility: 14
Constitution: 8
Perception: 5
Will: 3
Intelligence: 3
Skills Guns: 85 (92)
Dodge: 60 (116)
Evasion: 50 (98)
Resistances Mechanical: 20% / 12
Heat: 20% / 5
Cold: 0% / 0
Electricity: 0% / 0
Acid: 0% / 0
Energy: 0% / 0
Bio: 80% / 20
Char file seaserpent2

Heartbreaker is a critter in Underrail: Expedition expansion.


Resembling coral snakes, and named for their deadly venom, Heartbreaker Serpents are one of the three varieties of Sea Serpent found in the Black Sea. Although weaker than Leper Serpents, Heartbreakers are able to spit their venom from a distance. Heartbreak Poison may not seem dangerous right away, but it causes a cardiac arrest when it wears off, and large stacks of the venom can be crippling or deadly.

Large numbers of them can be found in the Fetid Marsh and outside the Crimson Meadow Horticulture Center.

Fighting tactics

Essentially, treat Heartbreak Poison as though it were Crawler poison: bring lots of Antidote, if you get large stacks of poison, cure it before it wears off, and try to kill the serpent as quickly as possible.