Mushroom Cove

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Mushroom CovePartially controlled zone

Many smaller rivers and streams converge here to create one large body of water from which the river Celeritas springs.
Location information
Music Lifeblood
Located in Lower Caves
Areas Mushroom Cove northeast
Mushroom Cove northwest
Mushroom Cove south
Mushroom Cove Base
Connections Crossroad Caves (northeast)
Lower Caves (northwest)
Lower Caves (southwest, blocked)
NPCs Mordre
Map file(s) MushroomCoveNE

Mushroom Cove is a location in Lower Caves.


It's a place where a couple of streams and rivers join up to form a cove. From there the water flows further down as Celeritas River which is joined by other streams and rivers and becomes more and more treacherous as it journeys on. Presumably it leads straight down into Deep Caverns and ends in a magnificent waterfall, but I'm not sold on that.

Big Bret

A large underground lake, sprawling 3 map areas, where multiple small streams converge to form the Celeritas river. Cave Hoppers can be seen scurrying around the Lake Mushroom patches. Some Azuridae can also be found around the lake. Mordre can be found fishing in the lake.

At the west end of the northern shore, there is a small base that possibly belonged to Omega Station. It's abandoned and full of psi bugs. The base may contain entrances to random dungeons.


Mushroom Cove base

Northwest (base exterior)





  • Hungry Eels: Cave hopper meat can be found in SGS cantina storage and looted from cave hoppers.
  • Hopper round up: Hoppers can be found on the north shore of the lake.
  • Find Newton: He can be found hiding inside Mushroom Cove Base.

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