Neural Overload

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Neural Overload icon

Neural Overload
Thought Control (0 skill required)
Short circuits the central nervous system of a living target dealing 10-11 electrical damage. Damage is increased by 10% for every target's point of intelligence above 5.

This damage cannot be shielded and bypasses standard electrical resistance, but can be lowered by the target's resolve.

Action Points: 18
Psi: 15
Range: 6.0

Neural Overload is the first Thought Control psi ability the player can learn, even without any investment in psionic skills.


Neural Overload deals mental damage, which cannot be resisted with armor or shielding.

There are three major modifiers to Neural Overload's base damage. They stack multiplicatively which each other and common damage multipliers such as critical hits.

  1. Mental Breakdown doubles damage and also reduces Resolve, further increasing damage.
  2. Every point of target's Intelligence above 5 increases damage by 10%.
  3. Target's Resolve reduces damage. The resolve damage reduction factor is resolve save chance multiplied by 0.8. Prior to, the multiplier used to be 0.6.
Attacker's Thought Control
relative to target's Resolve
Damage Reduction from
Resolve (older versions)
> 135% 4% (3%)
100% 24% (18%)
75% 38% (28.5%)
50% 52% (39%)
< 22% 68% (51%)

Base damage

Neural Overload's base damage scales with effective Thought Control skill: 10-11 Electricity plus 0.2-0.4 Electricity per skill.

Effective skill Damage
0 Electricity: 10-11
50 Electricity: 20-31
100 Electricity: 30-51
150 Electricity: 40-71
200 Electricity: 50-91
250 Electricity: 60-111
300 Electricity: 70-131


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