Ice Fisherman Pagos

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This page contains content from Underrail: Expedition expansion.

Default.png Rb l.png
100 (+16)


Role Merchant
Location Rig Periphery
Abilities Cryo-shield
Combat Stats
Combat Stats Action Points: 50
Initiative: 15
Resistances Cold: 100%

Pagos is a character that can be encountered in a random event by the player while travelling through the waterways of Lower Caves. He is a psionic living alone on a frozen boat. Player can either trade with him or attack and loot his boat. Most notably, there are two rare Ghostfaces inside a freezer near him.

Trader inventory

Pagos sells various psi headband components and ice Metathermics psionic mentors

Notable items sold Looking to buy
  • Nothing
Cash available
  • None