Rig Periphery

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Rig PeripheryUncontrolled zone

Too close to the Rig for pirates, but too far from it to get drawn into a bar fight - probably the safest part of any sail.
Rig Periphery Map Annotated.png
Location information
Music Lifeblood
Located in Lower Caves
Areas Rig Periphery
Connections The Rig
Scrappy Narrow (south)
Protectorate Outpost (north)
Protectorate Outpost (west)
Core Ring (north and east)
NPCs Jet Skier
Map file(s) cvw8, cvw9, cvw10, cvw12, cvw30, cvw31

Rig Periphery is a location in the waterways of Lower Caves.


The waters surrounding The Rig. To the north and west of it lies Core Ring. The main trade route to south passes through Scrappy Narrow. To the east is the main trade route to Camp Hathor, passing through Core Ring waters, then Omega Pass, Dreadpool, and finally arriving at the north end of Isaac's River.

Waterways 8

Waterways 9

  • The north exit leads to The Rig, area The Rig west
  • The east exit leads to area Waterways 8
  • In the SW corner is a waterfall behind which is the hiding place of gangsters:
    • There are 2 stealthy Gangsters as well as their leader Knuckles
    • They're not immediately hostile, but getting close will trigger a conversation with Knuckles which will end up in a fight unless you have the Note (The Rig) found in The Rig, upper floor and answer him "Onic" then tell him you don't know Big Bernie. You'll get 3 Cigars. The next time you come back to this area they will be dead.
    • Knuckles also carries a Bullhead
    • There's the gangster Junk Jet behind the waterfall. It requires 60 Lockpicking or the key from Knuckles.
    • The box requires 80 Hacking and contains some psi components
  • Can be fished in this area: Blue Eel, Minihead, Yellow Puckerfish, Black Dragon, Pentapus

Waterways 10

Waterways 12

Waterways 30

  • The west exit leads to area Waterways 12
  • The north exits lead to Core Ring Protectorate Outpost, area Waterways 28
  • The south exit leads to The Rig, area The Rig west
  • The east exit leads to area Waterways 31'
  • Some Jet Skiers roam this area

Waterways 31


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