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Hypothermia is a feat and a status effect.


Hypothermia feat icon Hypothermia
Your cryokinesis and cryostasis psi abilities also reduce target's constitution by 1. This effect stacks up to 5 times and lasts up to 24 turns.

Can be mitigated with cold resistance and targets that are immune to chilling and freezing effects are also immune to hypothermia.


This feat causes Hypothermia debuff, which can reduce constitution by up to 5 points.

Status effect

Hypothermia icon

Constitution reduced by 1.
Duration: up to 24 turns
Max stacks: 5

Also caused by exposure to Cryogas.


  • Hypothermia (2 levels) — Increases the maximum number of Hypothermia stacks by 1 for each specialization point.


Underrail 1.1

  • - Cryokentic Orb now counts towards fulfilling Hypothermia's psi ability requirement

Underrail 1.0

  • No changes

Underrail Alpha

  • - metathermics requirement increased from 30 to 40
  • - now reduces constitution by 1 (down from 2) and stacks up to 5 times (up from 3)
  • - feat introduced