Old World Booze Bottle

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Old World Booze Bottle.png
Old World Booze Bottle
An old empty bottle of "Deer Beer".
Pick up: Study this item to gain 2 points of experience. You can study this type of item up to 4 times.

Old World Booze Bottles can be found around Core City.


  • Core City (cc13.png), in the desk near Joe De Pacino
  • Core City (cc15.png), carried by one of the gangsters
  • Core City (cc1.png), in a barrel near Sergio the Wizard
  • Core City, Abandoned Biocorp Facility (cc_bcf1.png), on the shelves in the storage room(only accessible during JKK questline)
  • Core City passages (cc_passage.png), in the barrel near the group of Motioners to the north
  • Core City passages (cc_passage.png), in unmarked barrel in the gangster camp
  • Core City, in a barrel outside Coretech Warehouse (cc_warehouse.png)
  • Lower Underrail (lu-c2.png), inside a footlocker in the lunatic camp
  • Lower Underrail (lu-c6.png), in a pile of junk
  • Under-passages (lup-a7.png), inside a desk