Old Diploma

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Old Diploma.png
Old Diploma
Though now faded and thorn, it probably once hanged proudly in some technocrat's office.
Pick up: Study this item to gain 1 point of experience. You can study this type of item up to 3 times.

The Old Diploma oddity can be found in Deep Caverns and in the Abandoned Waterway Facility.


  • Deep Caverns, South Elevator (dc-cve.png), inside a desk in the office
  • Deep Caverns, Hollow Earth (dc-la2.png), on the shelves inside a hatch bunker
  • Deep Caverns, Arke Power Station (dc-pp_ama.png), inside a desk near the security console in the west part of the zone
  • Deep Caverns, Caerus Residential (dc-res3.png), in Maria Hope's room
  • In Abandoned Waterway Facility, area West waterway facility : in the desk with the computer in the NW corner