Protectorate Can

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Protectorate Can.png
Protectorate Can
A degoratory caricature of Protectorate soldier, often referred to as *a can*, made out of an actual tin can. Inside you can find anti-Protectorate propaganda detailing alleged atrocities the Protectorate has committed in North Underrail and calling upon the people of South to refuse to cooperate with them and actively resist them whenever possible.
Pick up: Study this item to gain 2 points of experience. You can study this type of item up to 2 times.

Protectorate Cans are oddities introduced in version


Found in bases and hideouts of the Free Drones:

  • Junkyard - Free Drones Base (jyfd.png), on the shelves in the north-western room(only during Free Drones questline)
  • Free Drones Base in under-passages (lup_freeDroneBase.png), inside a barrel