Train Driver Manual

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Train Driver Manual.png
Train Driver Manual
A drivers manual for the C2X train engine - probably the only remaining functional train of the Lower Underrail.
Pick up: Study this item to gain 1 point of experience. You can study this type of item up to 8 times.

Train Driver Manual is an oddity added in alpha version


  • Abandoned Warehouse (aw1-2.png), on the shelves in the east
  • Core City residential tunnel (cc-rtun.png), inside a barrel
  • In Foundry, area Bunker: in the desk in the power room to the southwest
  • Under-passages (lup-a7.png), in a barrel
  • Upper Underrail, Fort Apogee (pb-amb.png), inside a wardrobe in the consul's office
  • Upper Underrail, Panacea Lab (plb.png), found in the wardrobe in one of the locked rooms
  • In Rail Crossing, area Railyard: In a locker in the room next to the trap door
  • In Rail Crossing, area Train Depot: In the desk in the NE surveillance room
  • In Upper Underrail, area Upper Underrail 8 : On the shelves in the southern shop
  • Upper Underrail (up9.png), in a barrel