Broken Prosthetic Leg

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This page contains content from Underrail: Expedition expansion.
Broken Prosthetic Leg.png
Broken Prosthetic Leg
Some manner of primitive prosthetic device. It appears to be broken, though.
Pick up: Study this item to gain 1 point of experience. You can study this type of item up to 3 times.

Broken Prosthetic Leg is an oddity in Black Sea found within pirate territory.


  • One can be found in the battleship at Port Ceto, in a medical cabinet on the wall outside the bunk room.
  • Another in the map at western Skidrow of Port Ceto, in a box on a counter, E2.
  • Another in the west building of Port Crag, 1st floor in a barrel.
  • Another in the barrel in the Pirate Outskirts, H3.