Core City Plans

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Core City Plans.png
Core City Plans
Old and damaged Core City plans. Mostly illegible.
Pick up: Study this item to gain 1 point of experience. You can study this type of item up to 10 times.

Core City Plans is an oddity. Can be found around Core City.


  • Core City, Middle Level (cc10.png), inside a barrel
  • Core City, Drop Zone (cc14.png), carried by Mugger
  • Core City, Lower Level (cc1.png), in a barrel
  • Core City, Drop Zone (cc5.png), in a barrel near a bunch of gangsters
  • Core City, Abandoned Section (cc_abandoned.png), found in the mutant-infested area outside Black Crawler camp, on shelves
  • Core City, Hardcore City Bar (cc_bar.png), on the shelves
  • Core City, Entrance (cc_cityenter.png), inside the locker in the locked room to the west of the metro
  • Core City, Docks (cc_dock.png), inside the locker in the locked room next to the elevator
  • Core City, Gauntlet (cc_g6.png), inside a locker north of the entrance
  • Core City, Talloski Manor, in a barrel in the basement
  • Core City, Sewers, Zaman's Lair (cc_zamanscave2.png), on a dead man next to a boat
  • Upper Underrail (up5-pas.png), on the south-western shelves(only during Protectorate questline)