Core City Plans

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Core City Plans.png
Core City Plans
Old and damaged Core City plans. Mostly illegible.
Pick up: Study this item to gain 1 point of experience. You can study this type of item up to 10 times.

Core City Plans is an oddity. Can be found around Core City.


This section needs expansion with detailed locations.
  • Core City, Middle Level (cc10.png), inside a barrel
  • Core City, Drop Zone (cc14.png), carried by Mugger
  • Core City, Lower Level (cc1.png), in a barrel
  • Core City, Drop Zone (cc5.png), in a barrel near a bunch of gangsters
  • Core City, Abandoned Section (cc_abandoned.png), found in the mutant-infested area outside Black Crawler camp, on shelves
  • Core City, Hardcore City Bar (cc_bar.png), on the shelves
  • Core City, Entrance (cc_cityenter.png), inside the locker in the locked room to the west of the metro
  • Core City, Docks (cc_dock.png), inside the locker in the locked room next to the elevator
  • Core City, Gauntlet (cc_g6.png), inside a locker north of the entrance
  • Core City, Talloski Manor, in a barrel in the basement
  • Core City, Sewers, Zaman's Lair (cc_zamanscave2.png)
  • Upper Underrail (up5-pas.png), on the south-western shelves(only during Protectorate questline)