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Tourist Guide.png
Tourist Guide
It's some sort of an advertisement or a guide for people visiting Upper Underrail. Unfortunately it's partially destroyed, but by the looks of it, one used to be able to have a lot of fun here.
Pick up: Study this item to gain 1 point of experience. You can study this type of item up to 5 times.

These Tourist Guides are oddities introduced in version


  • Upper Underrail, Fort Apogee (pb-baracks.png), on the southern shelves in the locked south-eastern storeroom(requires 100 Hacking)
  • Upper Underrail, Harpocrates Station (tch_met.png), on the shelves in the east
  • In Epione Lab, area Lower level : on shelves in the storage area in the SW corner
  • Upper Underrail, Panacea Lab (up-plb.png), in a barrel
  • In Upper Underrail, area Upper Underrail 4 : In the building in a locker
  • Upper Underrail (up5-pas.png), on the south-center shelves(only accessible during Protectorate questline)
  • Upper Underrail (up7.png), inside a locker
  • In Eos Complex : On the shelves in the northwest storage room
  • In Emporion Shopping Mall, area Lower floor : in a barrel in the south room filled with barrels
  • In Harpocrates Station, on the shelves in the eastern storage room