Biocorp Technology Catalog Fragment

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Biocorp Technology Catalog Fragment.png
Biocorp Technology Catalog Fragment
Couple of torn pages and illustrations fro the technology catalog of the old Biocorp. This was obviously not meant to be a blueprint of their technology but rather a commercial showcase.
Pick up: Study this item to gain 1 point of experience. You can study this type of item up to 10 times.

Biocorp Technology Catalog Fragments can be found around old Biocorp facilities. It's a common find in Core City.


This section needs expansion with detailed locations.
  • Core City, Drop Zone (cc14.png), found in a barrel near Oinko
  • Core City, Drop Zone (cc15x.png), in the desk
  • Core City, Drop Zone (cc16.png), inside a locker in the gangster camp behind a crashed tunneler
  • Core City, Drop Zone (cc5.png), in the locker in the north house (80 Lockpicking required)
  • Core City, middle level (cc17.png), inside a barrel in gansters' camp
  • Core City, upper level (cc18.png), inside a wardrobe in the Coretech headquarters in the central room
  • Core City, lower level (cc1.png), inside a barrel
  • Core City, lower level (cc2.png), inside a barrel
  • Core City, middle level (cc8.png), inside a barrel
  • Core City, abandoned section (cc_abandoned.png), found in the locker in a shack south of the Black Crawler camp
  • Core City, Abandoned Biocorp Facility (cc_bcf1.png), inside a desk in the generator room(only accessible during JKK questline)
  • Core City, Gauntlet (cc_g6.png)
  • Core City, Coretech Research Facility (cc_rf1.png), inside a box in the locked middle room
  • Core City, Coretech Warehouse (cc_warehouse.png), inside a barrel
  • Lower Underrail (lu-c5.png), inside a barrel near the barricade
  • Upper Underrail, Fort Apogee (pb-baracks.png), on the western shelves in the medical storeroom
  • Upper Underrail, Panacea Lab (plb.png), found in the wardrobe in one of the locked rooms
  • Upper Underrail, Epione Lab (up-lw.png), inside a locker in the room immediately west of the entrance
  • Arke Power Station, Core (dc-pp_c.png), on the shelves to the north