"ArenaNow" Broadcasting Schedule

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"Arena Now" Broadcasting Schedule.png
"ArenaNow" Broadcasting Schedule
It's an outdated schedule for the *Arena Now* broadcasting channel.
Pick up: Study this item to gain 1 point of experience. You can study this type of item up to 8 times.

"ArenaNow" Broadcasting Schedule are schedules for JKK's ArenaNow broadcasting channel.


  • In Core City's Drop Zone, area Lower Drop Zone, Crossroads : in the barrel by a roller door.
  • In Core City's Drop Zone, area Lower Drop Zone, Hub : carried by Blanket, can be pickpocketed with 30 effective skill
  • In Core City's Arena, area Arena offices : in the barrel next to Boycie.
  • Core City, Talloski Manor (cc_tm.png), in one of the rooms on the upper floor
  • In Foundry, area Central Foundry : in a barrel outside the northeastern building
  • In Lower Passages, area Underpassages A11 : in a barrel in the center
  • In Free Drones Base : In the desk in the leaders' room
  • Upper Underrail, Fort Apogee (pb-amb.png), inside a wardrobe in the consul's office
  • In Epione Lab, area UpperLevel: on the desk in the office, to the west
  • In Dolos Center, in a barrel on the west side next to the barred stairs
  • In Upper Underrail, area Upper Underrail 4 : in the locked (50 Lockpicking) locker inside the building
  • In Upper Underrail, area Upper Underrail 7 : in the desk at the entrance of the northwest building
  • Core Ring Protectorate Outpost, Waterways 14: on the shelves in the building E
  • Fetid Marsh, found in a secret location behind a Perception check with entrances in K5 (inside the area with 3 nests) and L5 E