Train Log

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Train Log.png
Train Log
Old freight train log with all the cargoes of several weeks listed. Interesting but useless.
Pick up: Study this item to gain 1 point of experience. You can study this type of item up to 8 times.

Train Logs are oddities.


  • Core City merchant district, inside an unlabeled pipe outside Hardcore City Bar. (cc10.png)
  • Core City, middle level (cc12.png), carried by Mugger
  • Core City, Abandoned Biocorp Facility (cc_bcf1.png), inside a desk in the office area
  • Core City, Gauntlet (cc_g4.png), on a shelf in northwesternmost part of the room
  • Lower Underrail (lu-c3.png), inside a desk in a room full of dogs
  • Lower Underrail (lu-c4.png), in a barrel to the south
  • Lower Underrail (lu-c7.png), in a barrel near small group of Ironheads
  • Upper Underrail, Fort Apogee (pb-mainhall.png) on a shelf in the room behind Fraser
  • Upper Underrail (up3x.png), inside a barrel on the west side of the area