Tooth Necklace

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Tooth Necklace.png
Tooth Necklace
Half a dozen of human teeth on a string.
Pick up: Study this item to gain 1 point of experience. You can study this type of item up to 5 times.

Tooth Necklaces are oddities introduced in version These are a tell-tale sign for the presence of Lurker bandits.


  • Under-passages (lup-a10.png), on the shelves in the western room
  • Under-passages (lup-a2.png), on the shelves in a room blocked by some breakable rocks
  • Under-passages (lup-a5.png), on the shelves
  • Under-passages (lup-a7.png), inside a locker
  • Lurker Base (lup-a8.png), inside a barrel near the dog pit
  • Lurker Base (lup-a8.png), inside a box
  • Under-passages (lup-b1.png), inside a barrel in the middle room