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| portrait  = xpbl_ssrp3_l.png
| portrait  = xpbl_ssrp3_l.png
| background = Seacave.png
| background = Seacave.png
| health    =  
| health    = 550
| shield    =  
| shield    =  
| psipool    =  
| psipool    =  

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This page contains content from Underrail: Expedition expansion.
Sea Wyrm

Seacave.png Xpbl ssrp3 l.png

File:Sea Wyrm.png

Location Black Sea
Fetid Marsh
Sørmirbæren Temple
Loot Rusted Spearhead
Sea Wyrm Scales
Rusting Acid Gland
Large Intestine
Adrenal Gland
Healthy Animal Heart
Combat Stats
Combat Stats Action Points: 50
Char file seaserpent3

Sea Wyrm is a critter in Underrail: Expedition expansion.


Resembling enormous cobras, Sea Wyrms are the largest and most dangerous variety of sea serpent in the Black Sea. Instead of venom, like other sea serpents, the Sea Wyrm inflicts the very potent Rusting Acid, with it's bite and spit attacks. This acid can rapidly eat away not only Jet Ski durability, but also the durability of any mechanics-based armor and weapons the player has equipped. This, combined with the Sea Wyrm's high health and resistance to mechanics-based damage, makes fighting them a very difficult prospect.

Sea wyrms occasionally move into the cooler South Underrail waterways where they become unchallenged, apex predators and the bane of hunters, fishermen and jet skiers.

They are especially numerous within the Fetid Marsh.

Fighting tactics

W2C rounds and weapons and attacks that ignore armor and damage resistances are highly recommended. If you have to fight a Sea Wyrm on the water, bring a higher quality jet ski with high durability. Using a lower quality jet (such as Junk Jets and Scrap Jets) will just lead to a watery grave. Also, bring plenty of Repair kits and/or a few Vehicle Repair Kits for afterwards.