Talos Outpost

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Talos OutpostControlled zone

This old outpost has new residents.
Location information
Music Unnatural Order
Located in Deep Caverns
Areas Talos Outpost
Connections Warehouse Block 2
NPCs Lora Baker
Faceless Centaur
Faceless Doctor
Faceless Commander
Map file(s) dc-flo

Talos Outpost is a location in Deep Caverns.


Talos is a remote old Biocorp outpost of the Hollow Earth research complex. It is located in the eastern reaches of Deep Caverns, beyond warehouse blocks and near Arke geothermal power station. Its original purpose is unknown, but it does not appear to have been a research facility. It now serves as a base for the Faceless forces fighting against Tchortists in Deep Caverns.

Reputation with the Faceless

Talking with the outpost's commander and allowing your mind to be read will potentially allow you to receive several batches of W2C ammo or grenades, as well as healing items. Whether the Faceless consider you an ally depends on acts previously committed in the game. See befriend the Faceless for details.

Faceless forces


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