Befriend the Faceless

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Befriend the Faceless
Unmarked quest (No notes)

Quest information
Location Deep Caverns
Given by N/A
Rewards Free pass into Faceless territory
Information and supply packages
Lora Baker returned to SGS

How the Faceless in Deep Caverns treat the player depends on how the player has treated the Faceless until that point.

This article lists the conditions for getting into the faceless territory and the possible outcomes of mindreading at Talos Outpost.




Getting into faceless territory

Border guards stationed at the edges of the Faceless territory (at the north entrance of Caerus Residential and at the west entrance of Warehouse Block 2) will stop the player. They will allow entry only if the player has either:

Note that wearing any type of Tchortist armor will cause Faceless to attack you even if you meet these conditions.

Access to Faceless territory is necessary to progress through Deep Caverns and not having to deal with hostile faceless makes things a great deal easier. Caerus Residential is at the edge of their territory while Arke Power Station is deep inside. While not strictly necessary to visit, Strange Shack is also accessed through the faceless-controlled warehouse block.

Faceless attitude calculation

Talking with Talos Outpost's commander and allowing your mind to be read will potentially allow you to receive several batches of W2C ammo or grenades, as well as healing items.

  • 3 or more attitude points are needed for the best result, where you cooperated as much as possible. The faceless consider you an ally and are willing to share all their information and some supply packages.
  • 2-1 attitude points proves you're trustworthy and results in a friendly attitude with limited intelligence sharing and supplies.
  • 0 points results in a neutral attitude where you will get nothing out of the faceless, but they allow you to travel through their territory.
  • Anything less than that or having started a spying job for the Tchortists will turn the Faceless hostile immediately after the mindreading.

Passing the mindreading will also allow you to negotiate for Lora Baker's return to SGS. If the medics at Talos are killed, she will die. If the medics at Talos outpost are alive when the Faceless leave Talos, but the player hasn't negotiated for Lora's return, the Faceless will take her with them.

If the mindreading can't be passed without hostilities, it's best not to talk to the commander at all to avoid the mindreading, unless one is prepared to take on the faceless. Getting out of Talos alive is a challenge in itself, and there are great numbers of stealthy Faceless Gaunts patrolling the entire Faceless territory.

With 120 effective Thought Control skill, player can conceal his mischievous behavior towards the Faceless. This nullifies any negative penalties towards their attitude calculation such as accepting Scout Faceless positions quest from Tchortists or attacking neutral Faceless parties in South Underrail.

Faceless attitude calculation
Points Condition(s)
Add +1 Faceless group near Foundry is not hostile
The Faceless recon quest near Foundry is finished
Add +1 Faceless Mindreader returned safely from Rail Crossing
Add +1 Core City injured faceless is released
Did not kill the injured faceless
Did not attack the injured faceless
Add -1 Faceless Mindreader died in Rail Crossing
Set to -5 Core City injured faceless is released
but also attacked
Set to -5 Faceless group near Foundry is hostile
Set to -5 Killed more than 10 faceless globally plus in Buzzer's shop

Additionally, points are deducted after a certain number of faceless kills, depending on difficulty. 6 kills per point on Easy, 4 on Normal, 3 on Hard, 2 on DOMINATING. Faceless killed in Buzzer's shop do not count.

Points Faceless kills
Easy Normal Hard DOMINATING
0 0-6 0-4 0-3 0-2
-1 7-12 5-8 4-6 3-4
-2 13-18 9-12 7-9 5-6
-3 19-24 13-16 10-12 7-8
-4 25-30 17-20 13-15 9-10
-5 31-36 21-24 16-18 11-12

There is no limit for this penalty, but having over 10 global kills (including Faceless killed in Buzzer's Shop) overrides the points to -5 regardless of difficulty. In versions older than 1.0.3, the number of faceless killed is not taken into account at all.

Passing Thought Control check will invalidate this penalty completely.