Neurovisual Disruption

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Neurovisual Disruption is a psi ability and a status effect.

Psi ability

Neurovisual Disruption icon

Neurovisual Disruption
Thought Control (70 skill required)
You disappear from the sight of the target, removing its ability to detect for 2 turns and immediately enter stealth. Target also has its perception reduced by 5 and detection by 50% for 5 turns.

Invoking this ability immediately drains all your remaining action and movement points. Does not work on machines or true-sighted creatures. Can only be invoked in combat.

Action Points: 10
Psi: 40
Range: 5.0
Cooldown: 10 turns

Neurovisual Disruption is a Thought Control psi ability the player can learn from a Psionic Mentor. It applies Neurovisual Disruption and Blurred Vision effects to its target and Stealth Mode to its invoker.

Thought Control skill affects the chance of targets resisting the effect.Verify

This ability can only be invoked when in turn-based mode, but being In Combat is not necessary.


Status effect

Neurovisual Disruption icon

Neurovisual Disruption
Cannot detect stealthed characters.
Duration: 2 turns

Blurred Vision is also applied along with Neurovisual Disruption.